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Native New Mexican Family-Owned Farm

Our little farm is built on hard work and a dedication to our environment, our family and our community. We strive to grow and raise our crops and livestock using only practices that benefit all aspects of our farm. We like to think of it as a living entity, something to be respected, loved, nurtured, cherished and celebrated. We are a true small scale regenerative farm. Our livestock are all pasture raised utilizing rotational and planned grazing methods. The animals have access to ample fresh water daily and their feed is always organic!


The farm grows produce seasonally, following crop planning for not only correct rotions in the garden but also planning in the use of green mannures and cover crops which help us cover our soils, rest our soils and feed our soils. We also practice the art of silage tarping our garden beds which allow us to not only protect our soil in the winter but it also doubles as weed control and stale bed preparation. The garden beds are permanent and we practice low-till no-till methods, helping to keep the worms alive! We follow the practices of market gardening that focus on weed and pest control all the while using no harmful synthetic herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers. Anything that we bring on to the farm has to pass organic standards and be approved by the OMRI. 

We chose this agrarian lifestyle for the pursuit of regeneration and the pursuit of hard work. My family eats from this farm everyday. That simple reason its why I get up and care for the animals no matter the conditions. That is why our soils are respected and regenerated, not depleted which is why our produce is vibrant in taste, flavor and color. Viva la vida my friends. Its about respect. Respect our mother and she will in turn respect us.

The Land is Sacred.


Sage, Andrea & Pilar 

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